Dry Fruit Laddu Recipe

Published Date: 09th/Feb/2021

"Have you ever tasted something so good that is also healthy and high in nutrition quotient? Well, here’s a surprise for you. Fav Craving brings to you a healthy ladoo recipe- dry fruit ladoo. Dry fruit ladoo is filled with nutritional value because of the ingredients that are being added to it. Healthy ladoos like dry fruit ladoos, allow you to not just satisfy your sweet tooth, but also help you maintain your health and diet. Now, let’s learn the dry fruit ladoo recipe. "

Active Time
10 mins
Total Time
20 mins

How to Make It

Step 1

Take a vessel and add 2 tbsp of ghee into it. Once you sense the aroma of the ghee, add 1 cup of almond, 1 cup of raisins and saute it for a few seconds.

Step 2

Now, add 1 cup of Cashew nuts, 1 cup of pista, 1 cup of ground nuts and 1 cup of saunf and saute it for a minute or so.

Step 3

After you saute the dry fruits mixture for a few minutes, add sesame seeds into the mixture and saute it for the next few minutes.

Step 4

Once the dry fruits are done, take them into a separate bowl. Now, add 1 cup of dates into the pan and saute it till you can sense the smell of the dates.

Step 5

Now add the dates to the dry fruit mixture and once it cools down, add the mixture into a blender and make it into a fine powdered paste.

Step 6

Add 1 tbsp of ghee into a pan and add the powdered paste into the vessel. Add 1 tbsp of elaichi powder and saute the paste for a few minutes before the paste turns soft enough to form ladoos.

Step 7

Turn off the gas and shift the paste into a plate convenient enough to make ladoos. Now, once the mixture slightly cools down, take it into your hand and start making them into ladoos. A healthy and nutritious snack is now ready for you!


    • Ghee
    • 1 cup of Almonds
    • 1 cup of Raisins
    • 1 cup of Cashew nuts
    • 1 cup of Pista
    • 1 cup of Ground nuts
    • 1 cup of Sesame seeds
    • 1 cup of Dates
    • Elaichi
    • Saunf


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